Our Services

We assist employers by providing services, such as:

  • explaining and providing advice on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP);
  • completing and submitting the application form and all required documents;
  • communicating with ESDC/Service Canada on the employer’s behalf; and
  • representing the employer during the application process

What makes us different:

Aside from the standard services outlined above, we at Happy Nannies Canada, just like our name implies, work on bridging the gap between Nannies and Employers. If a problem arises between you and your nanny, we can mediate to resolve the problem. It is sometimes unavoidable that misunderstandings would come up due to cultural differences and we believe that with proper communication we can find a resolution.

We provide continues support to our nannies. Coming to Canada and integrating to the new “life” can be daunting and sometimes the transition is not easy to everyone. Sometimes, a person just needs some guidance on how we do things here. Oftentimes, new comers to Canada have a hard time expressing themselves, especially to their employers. So they just keep it to themselves. This may lead to a nanny that is unsure of herself and may lead to some problems that may interfere with their work.

We provide them a support line, a community away from home because we believe that a…

Happy Nanny = Happy Baby = Happy Mommy & Daddy