As a Filipino mother of two children and an immigrant to Canada, I am passionate about serving both the families and nannies to facilitate an easy transition for everyone.

I want to help the Canadian family with finding the help they need. Unlike in the Philippines, Most Canadian families aren’t surrounded by grandparents and close family members to assist with childcare and housekeeping. There’s also the added stress and guilt on mothers to decide whether to stay home or go back to work. I believe I can alleviate this problem with a happy nanny, so mothers and their families can create a happy home.

As a licensed Canadian immigration consultant, I understand the desire for newcomers to achieve their dreams and take advantage of the many Canadian opportunities. However, adjusting to the Canadian culture and changing lifestyle attitudes can become a challenge, especially for nannies looking to integrate into Canadian Families. Without support, these nannies become confused. This is why Happy Nannies Canada endeavours to help Filipino nannies understand the culture and how they can enjoy the new Canadian experience.





Quick Facts About Working with Susan

  • Understanding of both the Canadian Family Needs and the needs of Filipino Nannies
  • Experience with Hiring Nanny for her own Family
  • Conflict Management and Mediation skills
  • Leader and cultivator of Female Filipino Communities in Toronto
  • Past experience as a newcomer to Canada
  • First-hand experience with Filipino culture
  • Fluent in Filipino Language
  • Ongoing commitment (beyond 6 months) to ensure Happy Nanny, Happy Baby, Happy Family.

My Story

Settling in Canada

Coming to Canada was a lifelong dream instilled in me by my godmother who used to send Christmas cards with an enclosed Canadian $10 bill. That’s a lot of money in Philippine Peso! Also, turning through the pages of my father’s collection of National Geographic magazine, I pictured a land flowing with “milk and honey.” A country where people who work hard and work smart will be well rewarded.

At first, the dream was impossible. What do I know about leaving my own town, let alone my country of birth! But as what I have learned in this life, as long as you are clear about the desire of your heart, doors will be opened for you. Seek and you will find.

Finally, I achieved my dream… but then there was a culture shock. I was alone because I had no family and I felt homesick. I started to question my decision of coming to Canada. It was very hard to find Filipino residents to connect with and being a newcomer was quite uncomfortable. I also felt like I didn’t have a voice, since it wasn’t my home country.

Hiring My Own Nanny

When the time came to start my own family in Canada, it was surprising to be in the shoes of a Canadian mother. It wasn’t as easy to parent and manage a household as it was in the Philippines where the grandparents and close family members were just around the corner to help.. It was an eyeopener in understanding the challenges for Canadian families. There was a dire need to hire a nanny of my own.

My past experience as a newcomer gave me insight into helping my nanny fit in with my family. I remembered to thank her for all her work and gave her the freedom she needed to express herself and feel at home. However, on the flip side of things, I could see the challenges that mother’s have with their new nanny. For the first two months there was a lot of micromanaging involved to ensure that our family was adequately supported. However, it was challenging to keep a happy balance in allowing my nanny to feel at home versus being too controlling of caregiving and housekeeping duties. Sometimes my nanny, seemed sad. I didn’t quite understand if she was homesick or simply unhappy with me. From a mother’s perspective, I began to see another need for mothers and families adjusting to their new nanny.

Now as a Nanny Provider & Immigration Consultant

Seeing both sides of the equation, there is truly a need for a service that not only places qualified nannies in the homes of Canadians, but also ongoing support for both the parents and nanny to ensure a happy transition. As a Professional Nanny provider and Immigration Consultant, I am really passionate about ensuring that both parties are happy. I believe that when there is a Happy Family, there is a Happy Nanny. Likewise, when their is a Happy Nanny, there is a Happy Family. And when both the family and nanny are happy, there is a happy baby!

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Why Choose Happy Nannies Canada

We know that many parents, especially ones with younger kids who don’t go to school yet, have so many challenges in balancing work, caring for the kids and housework. It is our objective to help families by allowing them to have some freedom and to have quality time with their kids.

Take the stress out of caring for your children by having someone to help you with the other menial things that needs to be done.


It is our vision to help families, especially mommies, to get the help they need by having  our nannies in their employ. We know that the work of a mother never stops and having someone to help you with caring for your little ones can make a huge difference in your overall quality of life. Mommies juggle a lot of things in the household, from morning ’til night and these are things we understand cause we’ve been there. Having a good nanny makes it a lot easier for you and your family. Having a nanny you can trust with your child is of utmost importance to us so we want to place a nanny who is trustworthy and responsible to care for your child plus help you with some of the housework, little things like light cleaning, cooking, groceries, just like what you see in our logo. Of course, the most important part is your child’s happiness. We want your child to be happy with their caregivers because that is what really matters.


It is also our mission to keep both employers and the nannies happy with each other. We strongly believe that if you have a happy nanny in your employ, it will reflect on the work that she does. By orienting our nannies with the way of life in Canada and helping them find a positive community outside of work, it will make their transition much more of a happy experience than a struggle. Secondly, if they know they can call someone if they have questions or clarifications, it can put their minds at ease and will also translate to a better overall experience.

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